Your choice of tire is going to be dependent upon your weight, style, types of trails ridden and the dirt you ride on. It will be difficult for me to recommend a specific tire across the board.

However, what I will say is this:Tubeless tires, puncture prevention technologies, tire sealant, and wider rims have changed my life!

Here is a shortlist of tires I liked,your results may vary.

Light X-Country

Maxxis Ardent EXO 2.4, This tire is very durable to heavier riders, they are fairly light and roll fast.

All Mountain

Maxxis Minion DHF TR EXO 2.5  This is a great front tire great grip, and puncture resistance.

Vitoria Sturdy TNT 2.2  This tire has more width and volume than its size suggests and the harder rubber compound makes a good rear tire choice for dry conditions, the TNT casing is very strong and resists flats and slices.. Note: this tire is not good in wet conditions.

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