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There is a lot of debate of which is better, platforms or flats. The short answer is: whichever you prefer.

Platform pedals work best with a tacky rubber sole like those made by 5Ten. The problem larger riders often have is that their sizes are not available. I have not found a manufacturer that makes a tacky rubber sole platform shoe in larger than size EUR48

SPD style pedals seem to have more options when it comes to cycle specific shoes. These brands make sizes over the typical EUR48.

Specialized Rhime Up to size EUR5o when available

Shimano makes up to a size EUR52 in some models, I have not had a good experience with these as I tore them apart in a short amount of time.

Sidi Dominator makes up to a size EUR52, I do not like these shoes, although they are lightweight and stiff, they have mostly plastic soles and are slippery when you have to step off on steep rocks you did not make it over.


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