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This page was created primarily for big and tall cyclists looking for reviews, advice, solutions and eventually, parts, helping to obtain a ‘proper’ bike fit, so you can ride  and enjoy your bike, and stop struggling with it.

“Le grand velo” means the big bike in French.

Information on this site are the results of  my personal testing only; I am a big and tall guy (They don’t call me  ‘Big Rob’ for nothing)!

  I am doing this  to help you love your bike and ride it more often,so It is important  also to understand that I have no financial motivations to recommend any items in my reviews.

My focus is on mountain biking and mountain bikes  for now, but will eventually spill into Road and Cross bike.

About me


I am an avid cyclist. I could spend all day every day on my bicycles and do when possible. My passion for cycling is mainly  for mountain biking, although I have logged in many road miles  over the years as well.

When I first began mountainbiking my progress in cycling was stagnant as I rode bikes that were a poor fit. This created fears and bad habits which would later take me a lot of time to “un-learn”.  At 6'5” and 240+/- lbs , I'm a large man by most standards. It was not until I purchased my first XXL frame that my eyes were truly opened.(and I began to ride like the wind and my spirit soared)!  I now ride at every opportunity, learning great skill and technique and have a blast while I shred it!


~In Grand Junction  2016  at Lunch loops .photo credit : Ryan Cavanaugh

Cycling is a great way to have fun, stay fit and enhance your  quality of life as you age (none of my cycling friends nor I, sport any worry lines on the forehead and we are built like gladiators).  However, take heed my friends, as it can also be dangerous(endo) if you do not have the correct "set-up", or try to push yourself too far too fast. (double endo, possible yard sale.) Have a great time, but  learn and think before you "send it..."

  My goal with this website is to provide useful information, problem solving thought and offerings,  and eventually   'big and tall' tailored parts and accessories.  So, follow my links at  the left for some great information.

Meanwhile  cycling friends, Enjoy the ride and keep the “rubber side”down.

Sincerely Big Rob

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